Buenos Aires
Sponsored Skateboarder & Inspiration
Motivated, Powerful, Distinctive

Sponsored Skateboarder & Inspiration

Mecu took a break from skating at the Costanera Norte skate park to sit down with us for a chat.

When you fall down, get back up.

Skateboarding professionally has taught me that I can achieve anything I put my mind to. With every new trick, I learn something new. I can feel myself excelling. It’s an important lesson which transcends skateboarding, I apply it to everything.

When I’m down at the Mar del Plata skatepark, I can see it in action. I don’t just go to skate, I love to teach and give advice to the other skaters down there. It’s the look on their faces when they finally pull off that first ollie, or successfully grind a bar – I love it. It motivates me because I’ve accomplished my dream of helping people in my country grow up with skateboarding.

I am a bit of a dreamer. I believe young people can learn a lot about life through skateboarding. That’s the purpose of my skate school, to teach how important it is to chase your dreams.

When I began skating, not many women were doing it, I was different. For me, there’s no feeling quite like the one I get while I’m weaving through busy streets on my board. I feel free, I feel awake.

Fight every day to live for what you love most.

By finding what you love, pursuing it and ignoring what others say, you’ll experience this feeling too.

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