Grolsch Innovator & Experience Seeker

When I first started here, everyone called it ‘a match made in heaven’. It turns out they were right.

I thrive from opening myself up to new experiences. Outside of work I paint. Last year I took up tennis and I’ve travelled a lot to Asia. I’ve even joined a course to further develop my beer knowledge. That’s why I fit so well into Grolsch’s culture: I’m always proving my character – you won’t often find me on the sofa.

Soon after joining, I was selected to be part of Grolsch’s Young Potential Programme. It helped me better understand my strengths, weaknesses, and the way I work.

A year or so later I took another risk. I applied for a job in Grolsch’s sales department, it was scary, I had no experience in innovation, but it was the kind of opportunity that I’m always ready to take. I got the job and it turned out to be one of the of the best decisions I ever made.

Now people at work see me as a powerhouse.

For me, innovation doesn’t come from one person. I’m a social connecter. I believe it’s about bringing outside ideas in and listening to as many of my colleagues’ as possible. From here we can build our innovation strategy, bring a team together and get everyone working towards the same goal.

Heading up the innovation team also means tackling the world’s environmental issues. While it can be daunting, it’s really empowering to know that I work for a company who are committed to being part of the solution. I want every Dutch person to hear about the ways we are innovating to help the world.

We’ve been brewing a premium pilsner with real substance since 1842. A naturally green hop aroma, a crisp finish and a clean, confident bitterness from the combination of two Hallertau hops: Emerald and Magnum. 


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