Grolsch Make it real

Make it real

Grolsch beer. Real flavour, real moments.

Grolsch Music, Club

Here. Now. Together.

Grolsch beer. Everything you need to ‘make it real’
and embrace real connections across the world of Grolsch.


Brewing 400 years of real connections


A real beer with substance has the power to bring us closer and nothing comes close to feeling truly alive, together.

Our beers


Grolsch is double hopped for double flavour. Over 400 years of Dutch brewing mastery has led to a family of refreshing but flavourful beers with hidden depth and most importantly, substance.


See our beers



Our history is as rich as our taste. The choices we’ve made along the way have shaped what we are today.



Grolsch Story

Make it real.
Make it Grolsch.


We’ve made a promise to keep it real for you. We won’t settle for anything else. Real connections happen right now, in the real world, with the people we care about. That deserves a beer with real flavour.


Make it real

Grolsch Here

Real moments around the world


People have found real connections with Grolsch in over 42 countries. Where will you find yours?


Grolsch World Wide

Real flavour, real moments

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