The world's only Astro-musician
Curious, Uncompromising, Determined

The world’s only Astro-musician

Believe it or not, nobody called themselves an astro-musician before me.

I’ve always had two passions, music and astronomy, but I always thought I had to pick one. I just couldn’t do it, I couldn’t compromise. So, growing up I always studied both but kept them separate.

That was until last year. I was finishing off my post-doc, still with no idea which path I was going to choose. I remember looking out of my office window, on one side of me was a celestial globe, on the other a bust of Beethoven. That’s when I heard the news. Astronomers had discovered a musical solar system. Ever since then, this whole new universe of rhythms and harmonies have taken over my life and I’ve never looked back.

I was shy growing up, but music was the thing that helped me connect with other people. Then astronomy became a way to connect people to the cosmos. Spending time in each world has given me my unique vantage point.

I had no predetermined path to follow, I had to find a way to do both, and do me. By combining both worlds I’ve made my own voice, and I’ve given a voice to the universe.

Combining music and astronomy helped me find a voice that felt true and unique to me.

My childhood dream was to be a rockstar, now I make music with the stars – how cool is that?

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